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Discussion in 'Commuting' started by NickNick, 28 Nov 2017.

  1. NickNick

    NickNick Well-Known Member

    Is it just me or do a large number of drivers seem to not have a clue how to handle mini roundabouts. Almost go hit again this afternoon (got knocked onto a bonnet a month or so back on a normal roundabout which post a thread about), driver skidded to a halt and missed me by inches.

    The exit to my right was clear so I cycled onto the roundabout coming off on the second exit, i.e. straightover, the driver to my left decided he shouldnt have to stop despite me being on the roundabout at this point so having priority. Between me picking my pace up (had been going at a normal pace, not too slow) and him slamming his brakes on he narrowly missed my back wheel.

    I exited the roundabout, slowed to a stop and shoute wtf were you thinking, driver actually stopped but then had a go at me for not stopping!!! The mini roundabout is at junction of a busy mainish road (which he was on) intersected by a smaller road (which I was on) and he was obviously of the mind set that he was on the main road so I should have stopped for him. I pointed out to him it was a roundabout, I was both to his right and actually on the roundabout as he was approaching it, so it was clearly my priority. He then clearly realised he was in the wrong and backed down a bit, but instead of saying sorry he told me I should be greatfull that he stopped as most drivers would have driven off. Didn't really know how to respond to that one, so just told him to pay more attention next time.

    I really don't get why so many drivers seem to get so confused by these mini roundabouts, they're ever so simple, you just need to give priority to your right!
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  2. Drago

    Drago Soiler of Y fronts

    Its not you, probably the majority of drivers simply drive across them.
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  3. screenman

    screenman Legendary Member

    You expect some drivers to see a cyclist, after all we are invisible.
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  4. OP

    NickNick Well-Known Member

    Its what I found most disturbing with this interaction, he did clearly believe he had the right of way as he was on the main road until I refreshed him on the rules. You sadly can't remind every driver of the rules as you're approaching roundabouts which puts you in a loose loose situation. If you're hesitant, that causes its whole host of problems, but equally just being assertive, making eye contact so you're comfortable they've realised you're there and have priority, is no guarantee that they won't just drive into you anyway!
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  5. Drago

    Drago Soiler of Y fronts

    I'm glad you shouted "Why Thou Failest to stop?"
  6. Profpointy

    Profpointy Guru

    Unless of course we are dressed in blaxk with no lights, wobblin abaat all over the place and not paying road tax. We'd be visible then and no mistake
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  7. YukonBoy

    YukonBoy Extra solar

    Ultima Thule
    Be very wary with mini roundabouts. As other say, many drivers treat them as though they do not exist. I even get this when in the car sometimes.
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  8. Ajax Bay

    Ajax Bay Veteran

    East Devon
    Beware the white van behind you (the cyclist, taking primary) approaching a mini-roundabout intending to exit straight on (second exit). White van man may see this as a passing opportunity (ime) by passing the wrong (right) side of the metre plus diameter roundel, attractively painted on the road.
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  9. mjr

    mjr Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next

    Glad you survived unscathed. Mini-roundabouts should either be enlarged into small ordinary roundabouts or replaced with all-direction give-ways IMO. All the slight widening used to create a mini-roundabout seems to do is produce silly overtakes like that @Ajax Bay mentions and enable higher speeds through the wider bit as most motorists clip humped roundels or simply drive straight over flat ones.
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  10. YukonBoy

    YukonBoy Extra solar

    Ultima Thule
    Make me wonder how driverless cars deal with mini roundabouts. Most are not maintained and paint is very faint. Would driverless cars know they are there and that it needs to give way?
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  11. Phaeton

    Phaeton Guru

    Oop North (ish)
    4 driverless cars arrive at a mini roundabout at the same time from each direction, each as per the rules must give way to the vehicle from the right, how many hours later will they be sat there?
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  12. ColinJ

    ColinJ It's a puzzle ...

    There is a mini-roundabout on the A646 that I turn right at several times a week onto a minor road. I would say that about 50% of oncoming drivers do not give way to me. Some seem to be aware that they should because I see them accelerate to try to get to the roundabout before me. Others just plough on, even though it should be completely obvious from my positioning on the road and my hand signal that I am turning in front of them. I have even had them swerve left then right to get round in front of me after I have started my turn!

    I just assume now that I will have problems and don't trust any driver coming towards me. If I can sprint to the roundabout and get safely right before the oncoming vehicle arrives, I do that. If we will be arriving at the roundabout at the same time, I subtly slow down, trying not to hint that they are intimidating me not to turn but ready to stop if I have to. If they make me stop I shout 'Give way!' as they force their way past.
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  13. OP

    NickNick Well-Known Member

    What are all-direction give-ways? I agree that they should definitely, where possible, enlarge them into small ordinary roundabouts, a greater proportion of drivers seem to manage to stick to the rules with them. This specific one is much of an improvement on how it used to be when it was just a standard junction, it used to be even more lethal, but I do think it would be safer if they expanded it.

    I hate that my road is sandwiched between two nasty roundabouts, which ever way I'm going have to got through one of the other every time I got out on the bike. It doesn't help that this road is perfectly straight on a 7%hill which seems to encourage a noticeable minority to go at ridiculous speeds, despite there being a primary school at the bottom and a secondary school half way up. Only a few years ago one idiot driver was going so fast down our road, clipped the normal roundabout at the bottom of hill and wedged half of his car into the middle of the primary school wall, looked like a film prop! Luckily it was done in the early hours or the morning before the kids were around.
  14. BoldonLad

    BoldonLad Über Member

    South Tyneside
    Easy solution to that. Each driverless car programmed to:

    - Stop
    - wait random number of seconds (between, say, 1 and 30), before checking on right
    - go if clear
    - if not clear, return to Stop, above and go through above cycle again

    Now, recognising a scrubbed out set of give-way lines and scrubbed out white dot on road, may pose a bigger problem.

    I do not fancy the idea of being the first (or even the 100,000th) cyclist to test this in real life! ;)
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  15. BoldonLad

    BoldonLad Über Member

    South Tyneside
    I have not encountered such a road construct in the UK, but, when driving in USA, I found they were reasonably common. Basically, they are a roundabout, without the roundabout structure. At the junction, each driver is expected to stop (or giveaway) to any vehicle on his/her left (remembering that our USA cousins drive on right).

    In my limited driving experience in USA, they worked surprisingly well, but, how they would work with UK speeds and traffic volumes.. hmm... not sure about that.
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