E-Bike Battery Fire

I have seen quite a few reports of e-cig and laptop batteries bursting into flames - and then of course there was the whole hoverboard thingy a few years ago

I do know that with ecig batteries the problem has normally been due to people carrying them loose in a pocket - and keys then short them out - high speed discharge heats the battery up massively
With laptops the problem has often been with replacement batteries that are not up to the safety specs

In both cases - using a charger not OK'd by the manufacturer can be a problem

However, it says that this battery was just lying there, not on charged and not recently used. So something must have made it short out somewhere - it will be interesting to see what comes of it
Love this comment :whistle:

Many many moons ago I had a curry (I think that was the name) motor which pushed the tyre round. You actually pulled lever (again not so sure) and the motor dropped on to the wheel. I am fairly certain it had a throttle either way the battery was lead acid. One day my arse felt warm very warm. It had burst into flames. No idea why. Can't really remember why I bought it, it was pretty useless as you can guess.
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