East Yorkshire - Tophill Low Towpath/Bridle Path

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  1. Any East Yorkshire cyclists know what the bridleway alongside the Driffield Canal / River Hull ner Tophill Low is like - suitable for a cyclocross bike or does it need a full MTB?

    Planning a tootle up to the canal at Hempholme then back down a little way along the DN/Hull - I know the path along the canal from Bethels bridge to Struncheon Hill but wondered what it was like further south past Tophill Low pumping station? Satellite shows a clear track as far as Wilfholme but google earth suggests that might be private and fenced off?
  2. OP

    Sheffield_Tiger Guru

    So I answered my own question

    Nice 57.5 mile ride, the bridlepath in question was rough, slow going and standing letting the bike roll over ruts. Would need an MTB to really attack it but it's a SSI nature reserve so not the place to be attacking things anyway

    Though I imagine after heavy rain it gets less passable without fat tyres

    (The sign is erroneous where it says please use "footpath" it is actually a bridleway, before anyone tells me off for cycling naughtily!)

    IMG_20190413_123613.jpg IMG_20190413_131131.jpg IMG_20190413_131209.jpg
  3. EasyPeez

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    You can usually just forgo the bridlepath and carry on down the tarmac track if I recall correctly? So long as you're going fast enough down it that you don't give the chap in the little hut time to come out and tell you off....
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