Edge 200, odometer?


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I have received a Edge 200, and I see you can't add your own mileage from what I did on my old cycling computer.

As its a basic device, it doesn't do what the upper models do.

To change the odometer from what u have been reading, you have to change it in the files on the device, with a program to unpack the file, change and repack. But unsure how to do this?!



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If it worries you that much just wait until you ride under some tree's. Can you not just keep a note of them.

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It looks (from a bit of Googling I just did) like the Edge 200 uses the .FIT file format, which is binary, not text. The only way you can update the odometer value is to use a software application to modify the file. Text editors won't be any use with these, sorry.


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Try this.

If you go to the garmin connect webpage, you can do a manual input,
You could name it old miles, give the file a time and date, put your miles down and save it.

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