Election window posters

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I went for a 30 minute walk round the streets near me last evening and I only saw 3 election posters on display.
All 3 were for our excellent, current MP, Caroline Lucas (Green!).
None for any other party at all. Are they deemed to be old fashioned or provocative these days? People worried about what their neighbours might think or that someone might throw a brick through the window?
Are they more prolific down your way?


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That London
I've got an anti-Ukip sticker on my post box, does that count?

Hugh Manatee

I am thinking that getting on might be quite an astute move. By showing support for a particular party, the rest might think, What's the point knocking?
Definitely not the same as when I was a yuff - when every other house would proclaim their allegiance - apathy? more than old fashioned

Totally different from the European experience where every lampost et.al will have at least one election poster on it (and all taken down within 24hrs of the election being over)
I found some, TUC, sack Esther McVey, stickers in the park. No idea what all that was about. She's our local MP by the way.
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