Electric moped won’t charge


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I have had a all seasons emotional electric moped for just over 12 months just recently I stopped using the bike I have tried to recharge the bike to start using again had bike on charge overnight but the charger stays on the green light when I disconnected the charger and switched the bike on it went dead after just a few seconds I have tried the spare charger as well and got the same results any ideas.


Not sure I follow, full stops might help ?
I am assuming the the OP means that he has this machine (not really an ebike) and stopped using it for a while

so the battery went flat

Now wants to start using it again but it doesn't seem to charge

So - this is basic problems with lithium batteries (I am assuming that is what powers it) - if they get too low then the internal chemistry degrades and they can;t be used anymore

ASAIK they can be sorted out by an expert but it may need the whole battery to be taken apart and each cell investigated - if they haven;t gone too far then an expert can also rescue them by charging them in a different way - i.e. not via the normal battery management system - there is a UK company called BGA reworking that could probably help - if it is totally goosed then they can also recell the whole thing and this is often cheaper than replacing the battery - and sometimes allows you to specify more capacity and better quality cells

I have also heard - via none authoritative sources - that charging it over night then running it down until the management system cuts it out can re balance the cells - but you will need to do it quite a few times before it has a major effect.
Might be worth a go


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Is it an Anderson socket by any chance?
I had one on my Boost Bike charger and battery, and when they get old the spring fails and the connection point gets pushed inside and they don’t meet properly. Identical fault, always green light on charger.
New Anderson socket fixed it for 75p.
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