Electric Reclining Chairs

I have never had one, never wanted one and never considered having one. I now need one urgently followed by a second one slightly less urgently.

What do I need to know about them?

I need it so that I can have somewhere other than the bed to live in given I still can't sit up after 5 months. I need it to recline quite a long way back, and I need the feet to come up at least level with my hips.

Are the pretty much all the same? Are there 'things/issues/bugs/features' I need to look out for.


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I can't help you but think you are inviting jokes with that thread title.


There very heavy so be aware of that ,moving them requires 2 men as a rule.
the modern ones can go close to walls too so you dont have to have them 2ft away etc

http://www.hslchairs.com/ this type of place do the help you stand if you have hip probs 'SNSSO' so maybe you can try similar?
More seriously

These chairs hav a markup if for "medical use"

Many of the high street furniture retailers can offer alternatives cheaper

Try them and see if they fit your needs
Try them and see if they fit your needs
Sadly that is not an option. I still can't sit up so can't travel. I'm confined to my home and my bed, hence why I need to buy one in the first place!
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