Electric scooters.


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Are battery operated privately owned scooters illegal on the road,cycle lanes,pavements.I thought only rented ones could be used.


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You are correct Postie. Electric scooters (except approved hire schemes), segways, hoverboards etc., are not legal for use on public roads.


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Yep but try telling the yoofs and older blokes (and the odd woman) round here that is the case :rolleyes:

There's an utter nob end with a souped up one who uses the local cycling infrastructure to do about 40mph while filming his exploits:angry::angry::angry:
..he does wear a helmet...I'm waiting for the helmet mounted Go Pro he uses to penetrate his pea-sized brain when he inevitably comes off :rolleyes:


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I think the e-scooters will soon be acceptable.

I was following a guy on a single wheeled Uni-scooter. He was in full leathers with knee pads and elbow pads doing over 30mph. With no emergency brakes.
If he were to hit any reasonable sized pothole he’d be off.


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They're illegal @postman but the police in Leeds don't seem to do anything about them. Nor near me. West Yorkshire police's attitude seems to be to clear up any mess, rather than deal with the crime.

They're the latest drug dealers transport of choice; silent, can do 70mph and get through gaps easily.
Same here, all the low level drug dealers have cottoned on a year ago or more that they're untouchable on a scooter.
The Police either aren't interested, or don't know what to do about them, either way there's total inaction.
I handed over footage of a local drug dealer recklessly carving through traffic at 40mph, gave them his regular route, where he does his deals, they just said "thanks". And 9 months on, he's still doing exactly the same thing, same places, every day.
This is why people don't bother reporting things.


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If he were to hit any reasonable sized pothole he’d be off.
You can only hope.
I was unlocking my bike from a railing on the pavement at night when a guy sped past on a rental scooter. He snuck up on my quietly at well over 10mph as I was about to take a step back and passed within 6" with no warning.
Pavement scootering is as bad as pavement cycling and if you are going to do it, defer of pedestrians at every conflict.
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