Etape Caledonia route


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Did a recce of the Etape route last weekend. Great ride, roads very quiet & surprisingly few cyclists.

Couple of questions/observations about the route:
The second part of the Fortingall dogleg and the Logierait to Pitlochry run are on surprisingly narrow roads the Logierait road in particular has some slightly dodgy parts - in one section covered in mud. I wondered what people's experiences are of these sections esp. in respect of passing and/or riding in bunches.

There is one rather scary hairpin bend right at the bottom of a fairly steep descent (?near the soldier's leap)- I think it is only about 5 miles out so presumably people haven't spread out much by this stage. There must be potential for a massive pile-up here so do people tend to take this bend fairly carefully?


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Didn't do the Fortingall loop last year due to the erse with the tacks but the Logierait road seemed ok. Was held up a wee bit at times due to people wobbling about a bit on the hills but nothing too bad. Didn't really see many people in a proper group by that stage. It's worth keeping your speed up as much as you can on that bid of road, makes the hills much easier.

I would imagine there is the potential for a pile up on the hairpin but last year there were marshalls warning people to slow down before it. I certainly took the bend carefully! That reminds me, better get new brakepads fitted before next week.

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