Europe is open! Who's going?


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So we have been given the green light to travel to many countries in Europe and a few further afield. So who's off on tour? (From England only)
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Nope. Not booking anything until at least May next year.
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I think caution is in order. There's likely to be more to come.


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Been in various parts of Italy since March😖 I would love to return to England soon !! B******s to travelling overseas


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I think caution is the order of the day or even year as there have been many stranded due to covid-19, im not sure in the event of a future possible lockdown, id want to be stranded in a far away land...


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So who's off on tour? (From England only)
We're allowed to visit mainland Europe from Scotland too! HRH Nicola has kindly granted us permission to travel more than 5 miles from home, which I assume means we can cross the border into England, and from there we can reach France and the rest of Europe. But I won't be going until the CV19 situation is much more settled; I think it's far from over.
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