Ever stuck to the road before?


The abominable Bikeman
Ashford, Kent
was cycling round richmond park, felt alot harder then usual dispite the heat.

I had to get off my legs were burning, put my foot down and was instantly bonded to the road. Seems all that rubber plus the heat = glue. no wonder i was struggling.

Anyone else found this? just me.

How much harder does it make cycling if at all, i would expect it would be directly proportional to the amount of tyre on the road

Alan Whicker

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It was the rubber not the tarmac? I've been on tarmac roads that have melted - including when I did the London to Brighton bike ride about 8 years ago. Makes a bit of a mess.


Cycling in the sun
I noticed quite a few places today where the stones were being lifted from the tarmac.. don't know what the critical temperature for this to occur is?

Mad Doug Biker

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Craggy Island
It's all the flies you swallow when out cycling, they are starting to have an effect!!
Just make sure you don't start showing any other fly characteristics!! :blush:

For those who are not aware, there currently is a thread in the CC Cafe about swallowing flies when out cycling:



The abominable Bikeman
Ashford, Kent
the roads arnt tarmac AFAIK, and it was def the black stuff which is in 2 lines on either side of the road.

I know it was the rubber, it wasnt "molten" just stikey like its supposed to be on a car tyre, grip anyone. Its probs a rare occurrence as you dont really get it on normal roads, the combination of the surface of the road, (possibly tarmac + small stones in or similar) means the tyres wear more frequently. got worse on the hills where you would assume more grip means more rubber left behind.

style over speed

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Yeah the road was melting in the sun! it was very sticky where the gravel has been pushed away... I ended up going round the Tamsin trail a couple of times instead, nice and shadey.
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