Experience with your Covid 19 vaccination jabs

How was your experience of jab?

  • No symptoms at all

    Votes: 33 26.6%
  • Sore arm

    Votes: 56 45.2%
  • Generally feeling unwell

    Votes: 27 21.8%
  • Feeling tired

    Votes: 39 31.5%
  • Chills or feverish

    Votes: 21 16.9%
  • Headache

    Votes: 21 16.9%
  • Feeling sick (nausea)

    Votes: 6 4.8%
  • Joint pain or muscle ache

    Votes: 25 20.2%
  • Lasted 24-48 hours

    Votes: 42 33.9%
  • Lasted a few days

    Votes: 11 8.9%

  • Total voters


Serene Doge
AZ on Friday night, was fine to ride home although a bit spaced out.
Yesterday was spent mostly in bed. Nothing severe, just a general malaise and aches/weakness in joints and muscles, and stiff upper arm that is sore to touch. Still feel that way now. Every time I think "I feel better, I shall get up and do something", a couple of minutes after I get up I'm like "no, stuff this, back to bed"

Overall I rate it 4 blargs out of 10.


Regressive elitist lefty
I got a little card which had the date,, vaccine variant & batch number on it instead of a sticker.

There was a small drawback I've just remembered - while sitting out the 10 minute 'observation time' before being allowed to leave the surgery there was an older couple looking at their cards and the man commented words to the effect of "bloody Pfizer, I didn't want that foreign stuff, I'd have preferred the Astra one". Miserable bugger.
My mother told me that a couple of people refused their jabs on the same basis when she was done a few weeks ago. There’s nowt like folk...


So 24 hours on from having the jab and the only side effect is a slightly sore arm where the jab went in.^_^^_^^_^
So a couple of hours after writing this I began to feel a bit lethargic and tired. Woke up this morning feeling fine.

Off with Mrs T this morning on the bike for her jab.

cougie uk

Über Member
24 hours in for me and nothing to declare. Ran yesterday so my legs are a bit achey but that's pretty normal for me.


Ride It Like You Stole It!
South Manchester
Slightly more achy arm today, but just been for a 4 mile walk.


Active Member
I had the AZ vaccine at the beginning of March. I felt tired for a few hours after I got home but apart from that no other effects.


Firm and Fruity
I was vaccinated with AZ at 1pm, went for 5k run at 6pm, then was in bed with a fever by 9pm. Lasted 24 hours.
I already had covid antibodies so was expecting a reaction.


had it yesterday lunchtime (AZ) felt fine, until woke at about 3/4am shivery, then hot etc and quite achy legs and back and a slight headache. Improving now, it maybe the ibuprofen & paracetamol. small price to pay.
So Friday and Saturday (after a thursday jab) were both quite achey shivery days, but improved by Saturday evening and went for a gentle rride on Sunday. Arm still aches a bit today though. My partner's experience is pretty similar.


My Armchair
Had my AZ jab yesterday lunchtime, by 6pm had the shivers and generally felt unwell.
Slept for almost 12 hours and am taking today off work as a precaution.
Arm tender to the touch but not aching.
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