Fall 2021 weather turning cooler.

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I like Skol

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I was about to have a go at your for describing autumn as 'fall' but see you are 'over there' so will let you off :laugh:

Low temps don't discourage me from rides or commuting, just a couple of degrees above freezing is fine and even a couple of degrees below freezing can be very nice when the air is dry and still :becool:

One winter several years ago we did have a very cold spell (by our standards) where it stayed around -10 below freezing for a couple of weeks continually. The side roads just never thawed and the compacted snow just got polished up, even the main roads which were gritted would turn to slush during the day under the wheels of the passing traffic but then refreeze into a lumpy, rough surface again overnight. I continued to do my 10 miles each way commute by bicycle throughout and would laugh at the terrible tales of extended, bumper-to-bumper hellish commutes of the people that continued to try and drive to work :laugh:


Have a nice ride.
Yeah, ya’ll are a tough bunch. 4° Is cool enough for me. You’ll probably also be amused that most of us over here don’t usually set out for a ride if it’s pouring down rain before we even walk out the door. As for me, that’s just not much fun. However, If it rained real often here, I suppose it would be ride-or-wait-until-it-clears. It’s another thing if I’m out riding and it starts raining, I can deal with that, but don’t willingly go out in it by choice. When I didn’t ride my bike to work on rainy days, it was disappointing when the skies were blue in the afternoon, but so it goes, public transportation keeping me dry going in was nice. But once home, I’d rather ride in the rain than on one of those indoor bike setups. That’s just exercise, not fun. I know many disagree, but to each his/her own. I am glad that it’s sunny here way more than rainy. 🌞


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Looking at the weather forecast, it looks like my next ride is likely to be on Friday now, which will be a week from the last one.
Rain due all week till Friday.
I got my winter bike ready yesterday ( Specialized Allez ) for when temperatures drop to freezing and the roads will be salted again.
I don't use mudguards as I am a fair weather rider and avoid wet days like the pest.
We're used to low temperatures this side of the pond. But lets ask Mr @hennbell what he thinks.

I am unfortunately off the bike due to a non cycling medical issue, Hopefully to be back commuting soon.

Last night I went for a early morning 3:00 am cruise on my Electra, thanks to medication induced insomnia. Was plus 2C and fairly windy, a spectacular time for a quick ride round the neighbourhood without upsetting the wife.

We are about 2-3 weeks away from first snow. A good month from staying snow.

I'd happily ride in a dry -10C for the bulk winter if that was offered to me but for most of the winter it will be colder than that.

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According to Mrs P who has a new fit bit watch thingy we have a week of crap coming up.I dare you to tell her she is wrong.

She is wrong , the week of crap weather has been and gone


Personally as a Brit I like the word fall for autumn as all the leaves fall. 🍁
My next ride will be long Bib tights & long sleeves. Maybe even a jacket with gloves. It takes a bit to adjust to the cold I find.
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