Favourite cheese

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Difficult, as there are so many: but to narrow it down (a bit) -

Cheddar on freshly-baked bread with butter and homemade chutney, takes some beating.
Stilton, and any variant of that blue veiny cheese.
A mature, runny and pungent Camembert on a baguette with appropriate (amounts of) red wine.
A Norwegian caramelly 'goat cheese' with (sorry, but when in Rome . . . !) raspberry jam, or even better, treacle. Delicious. :blush:
And probably all the others! :rolleyes:
cheddar - ideal on toast
camembert or brie - in a croissant and warmed
emmental - yummmmmmmmmmmy nuttiness.

well... most cheese really



That green wax stuff with chives in it - sooooo nice
Cheddar that gives your mouth blisters cos its so strong

All good!!
Manchego --

Sliced about 3mm thick, then sprinkled with sea salt, olive oil and finely-chopped green chillies..mmmm

'Le Rustique' is a good, widely-available Camembert that really pisses off my wife with its fridge-infusing stinkiness. Like an old tramp's sock....mmmm...cheese...

Cheddar George

oober member
A nice ripe Brie - for god's sake not straight out the fridge !!!

oh, and ............. Cheddar.


TimDanaher said:
Longers --

I remember seeing Antonio Carluccio recoiling in horror from that one (he ate the cheese, but not the threadworms...) mind you, did you follow the related link to Milbenkäse? Also known as Spinnenkäse -- Spider Cheese. Lovely.

Thats another for my list of things never to put in my mouth.


Wenslydale,love it,i used to have apricot jam with it in a sarny,havnt for a while,but this has reminded me now,ill have to get some more.
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