Favourite commuting tyres.

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What are good tyres for commutting, 25c. good puncture proof not to heavy, folding would be good. what do all our commuters on here use.. Just asking for a friend as i do not commutte.


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South Manchester
Durano Plus. The only tyres that would survive the glass strewn Fallowfield Loop.


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Milton Keynes
Luganos here. My mate uses Rubinos. Both are good for commuting it would appear. I've been commuting since the new year and the only visit I've had from the puncture fairy was when I was on holiday!
Marathon Plus


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South Wales
I am retired now but used to use Durano plus for bomb proof tyres that are still reasonably quick and make a fairy visit extremely unlikely.

On my utility bike I use Vittoria Randonneurs very tough but probably too heavy and slow for commuting
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