First Commute - DONE!


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Hi All,

I only started cycling at the start of January after not touching a bike since I was 17. I've been building up over the last few weeks doing up to 26 miles in a ride, and worked up the courage today to commute the 10.5 miles to work. I know this is nothing compared to the 26 mile rides I've done, but it was more of a shift in attitude than anything. Needless to say, I feel quite chuffed especially as I did the 10.4 miles in 44 mins. Not superspeed but decent going!


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Well done. Before you know it you will be doing every day and you will get faster and fitter. Keep it up :okay:


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Good effort, the first one is probably always the hardest as you work out timings/ what you need to take etc. you can look forward to the ride home now!


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Well done :smile: I can clearly remember the sense of achievement when I completed my first one.. actually getting somewhere "important" without using the car!
Keep it up, and enjoy!


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I can't wIt for the spring :smile:

Well done OP - my commute is only 3miles so you're lucky yours is 10. :smile:
I'm also lucky as I can nip onto some good cycle paths to detour on the way home! One of them takes me along the River Dee out of Chester which is quite a nice ride.
Well done. My advice, don't do it all the time and make it 'a thing' Commute as often as you feel like, every one is a bonus. I do more in the warmer months than the colder ones, light rain, probably, heavy rain, nah. Bit too tired or legs worn out, nah. Big ride coming up at the weekend? Lay off it for a couple of days.


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Congrats. I obviously don't leisure ride as much as @0-markymark-0 so I treat it the other way, I commute by bike as the norm and change to car/train if it makes sense. I find it's easier to keep in the habit by making it 'the thing that I do' so it's not a question of 'will I take the bike this morning' more 'I take the bike unless there's a good reason not to'. On the wetter, colder days there's a big sense of smug in still cycling in.

However you want to do it, there's plenty of opinions here to help you out if you need it. Enjoy the ride home.


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Welcome to the club! I love cycle commuting and like you I haven't been doing it long. Pity the shower at work is broken at the moment. I can't be doing a wet wipe wash - not for a 12 hour shift!
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