First puncture


I have had Tyres go flat on the Turbo, pumped emup and have been ok again, weired.


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Maybe something penetrated the tyre last time you were out and caused a slow puncture.
As above, better indoors than out in the winter :smile:
You ride a lot, lucky to get your first visit like this :smile:


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yeah my first I noticed as i did the M check before leaving for work. changed tube as easier.

then next day just as i got near smithfield market so I could at least get out of the snow.

again tube change -

which remionds me I have 2 tubes to patch now !


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Oops - edited


How far can I go?
Small hole in the tube. Managed to find it and patch it. I decided to save my spare tubes for when I am away from home. Will be headed out for a ride in a bit to see how it holds up.

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I get more punctures on the turbo than I do on the roads. Most are caused by small bits of sharp iron filings lying around on the garage floor which don't get through road tyres but easily puncture the turbo tyre. If they did puncture road tyres I might be a bit more careful about sweeping the garage. The turbo tyre presumably picks up this detritus while the wheel is being changed. Also, the turbo wheel generally has an old, patched tube and I've had problems with the patches coming off - perhaps the glue melts with the heat build up.

Riding on the turbo is so mind numbingly boring that I actually welcome the distraction of a puncture and the opportunity to get off and fix it.
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