1. Pat "5mph"

    How not to mend a puncture on an expandable garden hose.

    I had this garden hose, by all means not a cheapo one, around £50 expandable to 50Ft, for reaching the back garden. I only have access to water on the front of my property, so this seemed a good if not a bit pricey solution. Anyhow, after a couple of summers said hose had a puncture. I decided...
  2. B


    Beware farmers have started cutting hedges and leaving the bits all over the road how do they get away with it?
  3. T

    First puncture

    So after 1100+ miles on my Giant Contend SL2021 I have suffered my first puncture. Time to look out the tubeless repair kit…
  4. M

    Slow puncture or Faulty valve

    Hi guys, Couple of days ago I noticed my front tyre had lost a little bit of pressure, so added more air. 24 hours later I checked and it had held the pressure so went out for a couple of hours upon my return the tyre had held its pressure. However, when I checked this morning it had lost some...
  5. Chislenko

    Puncture Today.....

    Gets back from ride, sits down with my coffee and a fag, looks at my bike, white liquid on the rear tyre. Didn't even know I had had a puncture, very impressed. Only a small pressure drop as well. Got to be better than changing a tube on the side of the road.
  6. Dwn

    What could have caused this puncture!

    Any suggestions from the experts? I was cycling along today, when the tyre deflated with a very loud bang. It deflated so quickly that the tyre unseated from the rim within the time it took me to stop. Roadside change of tube revealed no obvious damage to the tyre, but a gash in the tube. It...
  7. Lovacott

    When You Get A Puncture, How Do You Go About Making The Repair?

    Don't get me wrong, I know how to fix a flat tyre. I've done it more times than I care to remember. I have a traditional glue and patch kit but I rarely use it on the road. I prefer to carry a spare tube. So my question isn't about how you fix the leak, it's more about how you support the bike...
  8. O

    Bike puncture- bike tyre seal?

    \So I still can't fix a bike puncture even though I have all the tools to do so-which is highly embarrassing, someone suggested I use this instead: https://www.halfords.com/cycling/bike-maintenance/bike-puncture-repair/weldtite-bike-tyre-seal-100g-487066.html If I get a bike puncture do I just...
  9. A

    Got a 2nd puncture within a month?

    I got a 2nd tyre puncture within a month, I don't know why it is happening since I regularly pump my tyres so the pressure is never low. Are my tires rubbish? I only had them for 3 months so they aren't old. I am contemplating changing my tyres at this point.
  10. A

    How easy is it to fix a bike puncture?

    Today I had a tire puncture very far from how and I didn't have a puncture repair kit and I don't know how to fix punctures, so I was forced to walk home for 2 and a bit hours as bikes aren't allowed on buses. This has made me lose confidence as a cyclist and put me off cycling as I am afraid...
  11. GuyBoden

    Puncture in marathon+, Shall I send them back?

    I've got my first puncture in my marathon+ tyre after nearly 3 years. Shall I send them back?:laugh:
  12. S

    First Puncture?

    Morning all, after some advice and help please So I got my bike about a month ago, done a nice 90 miles on it last week, however I went out last night and noticed my front wheel had lost a lot of air, whereas the rear was as solid as the day I purchased the bike For some stupid reason...
  13. stuarttunstall

    Puncture day today...

    So, I have been doing 14 miles a day since I was furloughed from work, so far that's just over 500 miles done in 5 weeks... All was going well until I had a puncture in the front wheel :( mind you can't complain, on 3rd in two years of having my bike (touch wood) and it was the front wheel so...
  14. J

    Slow puncture repair

    I boughht myself a Boardman SLR 8.6 road bike a couple of months ago, just in time for lockdown exercising!!! I'm pretty sure that the spec on the bike said 'tubeless ready' but as Boardman's website's disappeared, I can't confirm that! Now, I have a rear wheel slow puncture so what to do to...
  15. plastic_cyclist

    First ever puncture

    Happened today, 15 miles in, absolutely unprepared, no tools on board whatsoever, a long, lonely walk back ! So, as a total rookie, is it better to replace the tube or repair the puncture? Hell, I don't even know if it even has a tube ! Also, what and how do you store a pump / tools on the bike...
  16. D

    Bloody Puncture Fairy, more like Puncture Assassin

    On my way back home today, got to the bottom of the hill & the backend starts wiggling all over the place almost uncontrollable, pulled up & looked back to find. On pulling it out, it just kept coming Luckily only 2 miles from home, as the slime wouldn't seal it & I only had the wrong...
  17. gavroche

    Anyone tried this new puncture proof membrane?

    https://biliproduct.com/collections/bicycle-accessories/products/bicycle-inner-tubes-explosion-proof-lining-tire-pad Or is it too good to be true?
  18. wafter


    I love riding modern bikes but to be honest I'm not sold on a lot of the "advances" made in the cycling world over past decades; it seems that what we have now isn't necessarily simply "better" than what we had 30-40yrs ago. Granted there have been some very welcome and legit improvements; but...
  19. Stu Smith

    Puncture Anxiety

    Last year I purchased some Prime RR 50-V2 wheels (60th Birthday treat to self). These are clincher and tubeless compatible. When they arrived along with the new Continental Ultra Sport 2 folding tyres and tubes. I was very eager to get these fitted and on the bike. This is where it all went a...
  20. steelisbest

    Puncture repair on Sprint 20

    I have not yet had a puncture on the trike - anything specific I need to know regarding getting the front wheel/tyre off ( mudguards fitted)? Also what should be kept on the machine for doing this at roadside ? THanks Phil
  21. Blue Hills

    Snakebite puncture

    Much to my surprise got one the other day. Am a meanie but wondering - do you folks patch such punctures? A bit mystified as to what caused it as am normally careful about fittings tubes and checking that nothing is trapped (it was a newly fitted wheel and tube/tyre) and it didn't happen until...
  22. nickAKA

    Sporty, cheap, puncture resistant tyres?

    Yeah I know, it doesn't quite work like that :laugh: For my bike over in Spain which is currently being ridden by the brother in law; I took the semi-knobbly adventure road tyres off in the spring and put 32mm gatorskins on purely for puncture protection. He's hit a cats eye today and managed...
  23. G

    Puncture Protection Tyres

    Hi there I'm looking for recommendations for the best puncture protection road tyres 700 x 25mm. I have previously used Continental Gatorskin Hardshell tyes which are very good. Any others as a recommendation? Thanks in advance J
  24. Kell

    First puncture...

    I very nearly posted in the 'tyres sucking the life out of me' thread the other day to say that while Marathon Plus tyres might be heavier and slower, I happily accept that for the puncture protection - especially on a bike that's only used for commuting. But I thought I'd jinx myself if I did...
  25. S

    Front/Rear puncture distributions

    Over the last year I've had two rear wheel flats (both on cheapo unprotected tyres), yet none in the front wheel. That got me thinking about the probability and reason for one tyre puncturing rather than the other. On one hand, there's an argument that the rear wheel carries more load, so will...
  26. U

    Puncture repairs

    My last bike went 12 years without a puncture. My current bike has had 2 in 6 months. The first one, I repaired with a puncture repair kit that cost me 6 quid. It comes with a set of useless tools including two plastic tyre levers that bent on first use. When I got my second puncture I thought...
  27. Trigger369

    Small hole in tyre after puncture

    Would like to hear your thoughts . Got a puncture on last ride out. on inspection after I got home this is the hole in the tyre .will it be ok to continue on it could it blow
  28. Accy cyclist

    My puncture exploits yesterday

    So there i was 8 miles from home when i had a visit...from the puncture fairy!!:eek: I was due one seeing as she hadn't visited for about 4000 miles. It just had to be the day when i thought i'd venture further from home than i normally do,though it could've been worse as at one point i was 20...
  29. saul

    Tyre bead not seating in rim.

    So, had my first puncture yesterday. Going back to my childhood I decided to try and fix it and successfully managed to do so. However now that I have put the tube back in and the tyre back on, I have got this lifting of tyre. I have tried to Deflate the tyre, making sure the tyre was back on...
  30. Sunny Portrush

    When`s a puncture not a puncture??

    After about a 40 mile right through the Pentland Hills, I got to within a 500 metres from home when I noticed the bike was handling strange. Eventually dawned on me that the front wheel was soft. Got home, had a quick look at couldn`t see anything obvious so I pumped it back up again. Stayed...
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