1. steelisbest

    Puncture repair on Sprint 20

    I have not yet had a puncture on the trike - anything specific I need to know regarding getting the front wheel/tyre off ( mudguards fitted)? Also what should be kept on the machine for doing this at roadside ? THanks Phil
  2. Blue Hills

    Snakebite puncture

    Much to my surprise got one the other day. Am a meanie but wondering - do you folks patch such punctures? A bit mystified as to what caused it as am normally careful about fittings tubes and checking that nothing is trapped (it was a newly fitted wheel and tube/tyre) and it didn't happen until...
  3. nickAKA

    Sporty, cheap, puncture resistant tyres?

    Yeah I know, it doesn't quite work like that :laugh: For my bike over in Spain which is currently being ridden by the brother in law; I took the semi-knobbly adventure road tyres off in the spring and put 32mm gatorskins on purely for puncture protection. He's hit a cats eye today and managed...
  4. G

    Puncture Protection Tyres

    Hi there I'm looking for recommendations for the best puncture protection road tyres 700 x 25mm. I have previously used Continental Gatorskin Hardshell tyes which are very good. Any others as a recommendation? Thanks in advance J
  5. Kell

    First puncture...

    I very nearly posted in the 'tyres sucking the life out of me' thread the other day to say that while Marathon Plus tyres might be heavier and slower, I happily accept that for the puncture protection - especially on a bike that's only used for commuting. But I thought I'd jinx myself if I did...
  6. S

    Front/Rear puncture distributions

    Over the last year I've had two rear wheel flats (both on cheapo unprotected tyres), yet none in the front wheel. That got me thinking about the probability and reason for one tyre puncturing rather than the other. On one hand, there's an argument that the rear wheel carries more load, so will...
  7. U

    Puncture repairs

    My last bike went 12 years without a puncture. My current bike has had 2 in 6 months. The first one, I repaired with a puncture repair kit that cost me 6 quid. It comes with a set of useless tools including two plastic tyre levers that bent on first use. When I got my second puncture I thought...
  8. Trigger369

    Small hole in tyre after puncture

    Would like to hear your thoughts . Got a puncture on last ride out. on inspection after I got home this is the hole in the tyre .will it be ok to continue on it could it blow
  9. Accy cyclist

    My puncture exploits yesterday

    So there i was 8 miles from home when i had a visit...from the puncture fairy!!:eek: I was due one seeing as she hadn't visited for about 4000 miles. It just had to be the day when i thought i'd venture further from home than i normally do,though it could've been worse as at one point i was 20...
  10. saul

    Tyre bead not seating in rim.

    So, had my first puncture yesterday. Going back to my childhood I decided to try and fix it and successfully managed to do so. However now that I have put the tube back in and the tyre back on, I have got this lifting of tyre. I have tried to Deflate the tyre, making sure the tyre was back on...
  11. Sunny Portrush

    When`s a puncture not a puncture??

    After about a 40 mile right through the Pentland Hills, I got to within a 500 metres from home when I noticed the bike was handling strange. Eventually dawned on me that the front wheel was soft. Got home, had a quick look at couldn`t see anything obvious so I pumped it back up again. Stayed...
  12. Biker Joe

    Timely Puncture

    I just got back from a 20 Mile ride. Just as I was approaching my house, I got a rear wheel puncture. How timely was that? Only had 50 Metres to walk.:okay:
  13. airborneal

    Areo Clipped Saddle Bag, Mini Pump, Levers and Puncture Patches Bundle

    All items are new Large expanding Areo Saddle bag, clips [no straps], Two side pockets, very nice bag Phaart mini pump [Planet X] and bracket for fixing Two Italian tyre levers Box of pre glued patches [raleigh] £16 posted
  14. DaddyPaddey

    Feeding the puncture fairy

    Riding the Scorpion down a country lane last Wednesday we met a Range Rover who was determined not to get the slightest bit of grass [let alone mud] on his tyres. As there was not room I was forced off the road into a stony farm entrance whilst the RRover swept by without acknowledgment...
  15. Black Sheep

    up yours puncture fairy

    Had to patch the puncture on the front of the road bike last night Think the only puncture I've had on that bike was shortly after I built it in 2006, I'd forgotten how stiff road bike tyres are to get on and off. so, puncture fairy, you finally got me you *****!
  16. Tin Pot

    Not bike puncture repair...

    ...but you guys know more than gardeners about punctures right? ;) I’m using Halfords puncture repair patches and glue which have been fine on continental bike inners, but now I’m applying it to this garden cart inner tube it’s just not sticking. Rough surface, apply glue to patch allow to...
  17. N

    The Puncture Repair Kit Conundrum

    Although I ride a CX bike with mudguards, a rack and pannier, I never like to carry any superfluous weight. Having commuted for a fair number of years and having never suffered a puncture, I had long since given up carry a puncture repair kit with me until on a wet winter night, I realised that...
  18. M

    What puncture repair?

    Hi all, Intending to do a sprint triathlon in a few weeks with ~20km of cycling involved. Currently when out cycling I stuff a pump, tyre levers and a tube into my jersey. This won't be possible in a tri suit. Would you recommend getting a saddle bag, using co2 instead of a pump, or getting...
  19. Sharky

    Check your rubber solution

    The other day I had a puncture in the rear tyre. So off came the wheel and I located the hole in the tube, but alas, when I got the tube of rubber solution out of the bag, I found it had dried up completely and was unable to stick a patch on. So had to walk back home. Fortunately though I'd...
  20. airborneal

    Cannondale Pump, Gauge and puncture Bundle Sold !

    Nice little bundle, Cannondale Airspeed LX Pump Presta and Schrader, I use one of these for 110 psi on my road bike. Twinvalve Tyre guage, separate ports for Schrader & Presta. Has a bleed valve, if you have over pumped you can bleed off extra pressure. Pack of 6 glue less patches 3 ekip tyre...
  21. gbs

    Pressure and p******* proofing

    I normally run at the high end of tyre manufcturers' recommended pressures, typically 7-9 bar. If I reduce to the lower end of that range I will expect some gain in comfort and grip and some increase in rolling resistance. Will there be any change in the p******* resistance?
  22. jay clock

    Brompton puncture repair (F$%^&*KIN& HEKK)

    I have a Brompton with Marathons on. There or four punctures in 3-4 years. All of them I think are rim tape related. I have (Now for the second time on the back) used electrical tape as well. The issue is that the valley of the rim is v shaped so it is impossible to get it seated flat About...
  23. Andywinds

    Continental Grand Prix 4000S II puncture

    Hi, I had a puncture yesterday, and while out in the rain I rushed to fit new inner tube. By the time i got home the tyre was flat again. Upon closer inspection a sharp tiny piece of stone had embedded itself into the rubber and hit the tube. I thought these tyres were supposed to add an...
  24. Visage77

    Puncture proof tyres?? Any good??

    So puncture proof tyres for a hybrid/trekking bike? Are they worth it? Expensive or not? Which are the good ones? Thanks
  25. Wester

    £1 shop puncture repair kits

    I have a puncture repair kit that I got in a £1 shop which I have not used for I guess a few years However my luck ran out a few days ago and I got a puncture when I tried to repair the puncture I could not get the patch to bond to the tube First I let the glue dry on the tube before putting...
  26. Salty seadog

    Puncture repair kits.

    As an observation on puncture repair kits, do any of you find as I do that when sticking a patch down, the clear plastic basking is a bugger and occasionally pulls the edge of the patch away from the tube when being removed? I fix tubes at home, just replace for new out on the road. Any tips...
  27. ChrisEyles

    Trailside puncture repairs - any tips?

    I had my first proper middle-of-nowhere flat in a long time today. Changing a tube in the field seems a lot more fiddly than in the garage - I always seem to need a third and fourth hand and worry about picking up grit on the tyre/tube. This time I came very close to popping the tube, since the...
  28. Pat "5mph"

    Puncture results in an imaginary husband

    My history of punctures since I started cycling everywhere 6 years ago: one on the cheap Kendas that came with my first bike: took the train home, googled how to change an inner tube. One pinch flat after fitting my first Marathons, walked what was left to work, changed the inner indoors. One...
  29. tornadotony

    Self Sealing Inner Tubes Schrader Puncture Repair

    3 New self sealing inner tubes 26 x 1.50 - 2.30 1x Dr Sludge 2 x Procycle £13.50 posted
  30. rivers

    First puncture

    But I haven't ridden my bike outside in days. It's been on the turbo...
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