Fitting a front mudguard


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Decided to the mudguards back on the fixed.

Where is the front yoke fixing at the brake bolt supposed to go?
The from brake bolt goes into the frame under the top tube at the back so it can't go there. It doesn't look right up against the top tube so it's got to go between the two washers ( but they are both serrated) or between the second washer and the brake caliper.
What would you do?

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What would you do?
Ask you to have another go at explaining it better. Normally the 'front yoke' fitting (angle bracket) is riveted on and goes either behind (I've inferred it won't 'go' there) or in front of the fork crown between the brake calipers (and its washers) and the fork crown. Sometime one can have problems with clearance under the headset which can be solved by bending or cutting the 'front yoke' leaving a pair of 'prongs' which will be perfectly secure in place, held by friction.
Background reading (with pictures) to scan: Sheldonbrown-Fenders
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