Fitting an Akubra

I have finally bought a replacement leather Akubra hat for cycling and general outdoor life, as the previous version had finally succumbed to the elements (mostly through constant use in said cycling and general outdoor life).

Despite the newer hat being the same size and maker, it is a little more loose on my head, which causes problems on windy days or when riding down hill.

Has anyone got an idea how to make the band a little tighter? I don't want to put a strap under my chin (before some bright spark suggests it, strings and corks are out of the question as well)

I'm thinking in terms of a strip of felt or soft leather around the inside of the brim so it holds onto my head tighter, but how would you fix that without damaging the existing band?


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How much larger?


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Would a strip of that iron on hemming stuff work?


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I bet there's a conventional hatter's way of tightening a hat. It's just that we have lost those skills.

I'd try fitting a strip of leather inside it, either under the internal sweat band or glued on top of it.
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