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  1. There are regular threads for bike bags but I've not seen any for bags to contain tent, panniers and their contents. We had lightweight bags by HiGear, bought from Go Outdoors but they started tearing after about six foreign holidays, they've been discontinued and I've found nothing equivalent. In desperation I bought a Logic3 bag from ebay, not yet used but it's smaller and heavier.

    Our routine was to take bikes in CTC/Wiggle bags, luggage in the HiGear bag and both would fold down sufficiently to take with us so we could return from a different airport. I'd be interested to hear of other people's experience. Photos of both bags attached.

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    I'm wondering why you would need bags for your panniers and their contents? Why not just check them in as is? I have done that several times without issue. If you're worried about the rack mounting clips getting damaged, just wrap the panniers together as pairs so that the clips back onto each other out of harm's way. First time I did that I rode to the airport and used one of the baggage wrapping services there. Bike went into a heavy duty polythene bag as sold by Wiggle and the likes; panniers went as check in luggage (yes, at extra cost - it was BA and the bike used up my normal baggage allowance. Still cheaper than the budget airlines though, who want more for the bike to travel than they charge for the passenger).
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    Last year we strapped two panniers and the tent together as one piece of baggage (about 20kg of a 23kg allowance) and took one each of the other pair plus bar bags as hand luggage. In the past we've used a big laundry bag (about two quid) gaffer taped up to hold multiple bags/items, but it's easy to make a neat, secure package with some straps and tape.
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    we bought a big garden rubbish bag in a DIY place near Vienna and put a load of stuff in it, then taped it up with parcel tape. worked just fine.
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