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Has anybody else had this Cold or Flu? I've had it for three weeks now and it will not leave me. Feel like crap and can't move. I bit the bullet and took the bike out the other day for a gentle twenty miler. Came back and felt so ill that I had to go back to bed. I've never had a cold this long. A week tops or more often two days. My wife says "oh everybody's got it". I've yet to hear of one.


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Can't be flu if you're actually out of bed!

You might have caught a different virus while weak with the first. Try taking zinc tablets every day, I have been since August and haven't had a cold at all.


There are a number suffering similar symptoms at my work and around here in general. 1 guy in particular was off work for a month and still a lo g way from normal and his doc reckons it will take him upto 8 weeks to shift it. Apparently it is flu and its particularly nasty if you are unlucky enough to get it.


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Picked up a viral thing about a week and half ago. Sore throat , congestion which has now moved into the upper chest. Been coughing loads and sleeps been crap. Throats now feels very sore with all the coughing. Slowly getting better but not ridden since last Wednesday. Just roughing it out , think it will clear eventually. Might go back in the bike Wed as fresh air would be good as well.


Mcr/Rochdale based, I have had it from Thursday....currently back in work after being in pj's for three days which is unheard of for me.
I feel like falling asleep at any moment, if they sack me at least I can go home.....:smile:


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My wingman/riding buddy has had it for 6-7 weeks, told him to go to the quacks as it may have left him with a chest infection and moaning won't shift it...

It's that time of year and having a 4 year old in the house is more or less a guarantee to pick up whatever is doing the rounds. It's a pity as he'd been training pretty hard and he's lost all the winter gains he'd made but that's life innit.


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Rule of thumb for all exercise... above the neck ok to exercise. Below the neck rest.
Mine is all above the neck. Every time I try a bit of exercise I feel dreadful when I get back. Yesterday I thought I was a bit better. Did a slow four mile stroll to the library and back. On the way back I thought I'd never get home I felt that rough. I've got a permanent pain around my cheekbone on one side which I suppose is Sinus. I hate getting old.


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I've had it for at least 3 weeks. I timed it perfectly to coincide with moving home. When the fever was at its worst, I managed to pass out on my living room floor. Every time I do anything even lightly strenuous, I end up relapsing and needing another couple of days of absolute rest. I've just been up with the grandchildren so I'm praying it doesn't take its revenge on me again.

For the record, I think it's a form of flu, though I haven't seen a doctor. This in spite of having an annual flu jab.

Mrs M

Feeling “under the weather” since 7th March.
Hot and cold, runny nose, etc.
Spent 6 days in bed, not felt so bad in a long time :sad:
Still not back to normal but slowly getting better.
My sympathy to fellow sufferers :hugs:
GWS xx


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Sounds like me :sad:
Took the car to work today as when i got home yesterday couldn't get warm, then in the morning was hot .I have been coughing up green stuff for nearly 2 weeks but not really any runny nose , it has finally turned to catarrh today .
Took last week off the bike after i attempted a club ride and they told me to go home , did a club ride this Sunday but even at a steady pace it was enough.
I have been doing rediculus overtime for months and i just feel run down , when cycling on days i would leave at 5. 45 am and not get back till 7.15am and its only a 35 min commute each way .No time for family let alone any training etc .


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I'm still coughing and wheezing and haven't been out on the bike for a month. It's bloody annoying. Felt pretty bad for a week and the rest of the time it's just coughing and sneezing and wheezing. Tried to get a new inhaler, but they won't give me one without me seeing the doctor first. Earliest appointment is after Easter... No idea how self-certification works if you can't get to see the quack.
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