For the first time, I've been beaten by a simple repair...

Yesterday, I decided to switch my CX back from a flatbar setup to drop bar.
On fitting the new brake cables, the right hand brake cable refused to locate through the mech and after many tries the swivel thing came loose and refused to go back inwithout falling apart

I tried backfeeding the cable to check the routing and it appears to feed in at a downward angan rather than the usual straight.

Time for a bit LBS support methinks


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Have you searched YouTube for a suitable how-to video?


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I think we are talking about the barrel adjuster which consists of 3 parts, spring, threaded piece and adjustment piece.

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I will guess the 'swivel thing' is the barrel with a hole in which sits transverse in the STI in which the head of the cable sits. They can come out but equally they can be replaced.
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