For the ladies...?


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I would assume size and shape is different. Our skulls are a different shape. Women generally have smaller heads

Of course, however, as with men, it’s not a one size fits all so a brand/model of men’s / unisex helmet may be better fit or shape

Friend of mine bought a women’s helmet as she liked the fit, design and the colour way matched her wsd bike (not pink and not shrunk, simply the correct size for her!)
I have hair long enough for a ponytail, but I can't imagine the faff, and hair pulling involved in sticking it through a helmet.

I just twist and stick it all up inside.
Guess it must work for some folks though.

My skull is pretty large - all those brains:rolleyes:

So I can't imagine wanting to have a bright pink helmet drawing attention to it.

Have to wear 'mens' sizes.

Wouldn't mind a purple one though, current one is a bit grey and boring..
Bought, last minute, in a hurry on the way to catch a ferry.


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But helmets marketed at women aren’t necessarily pink, my friend’s one is grey with some aqua (like Celeste) accents...just like her bike :okay:

Should be able to get a purple unisex or indeed wsd helmet


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My head appreciates Giro, I've had a female specific one and a non-specific one. I think the non female specific one felt better. Small sizing for me, and doesn't make my head look like a mushroom.

I know there's certain helmet brands that my head doesn't seem to fit in too well and have uncomfortable places, so I just stick to Giro now.
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