Forced to cook - AGAIN!!!!

Told that there's some pork in the fridge and a stickered pineapple, and I've just got to get on with it. So, it's Masterchef the losers all over again.

Pork -nice local organic, so nothing fancy. Just a simple roast. Bit of additional grated onion in the sage and onion, but again keep it simple. Pineapple for dessert, so no blackberry and apple crumble - and no apple sauce. Hmmm....caramellised apple slices instead. Breaburns and Demerara will be fine. A lot of manky brussel sprouts in the back of the fridge. Not my favourite vegetable, but here goes. Sprout puree with blackened sprout leaves. Smooth but with nutty flavour. Still got a fair few Jerusalem artichokes, so a quick lift and slice and blanch. Cold water to await going in the hot pork fat to colour them. Treat them like scallops and you won't go wrong

Potatoes - nothing poncey with fondants, but a little bit more than simple roasts (actually they are not that simple) so cubing, par boiling and finish off in the pork fat, so they are a light crispy brown.

It's been a doddle so far, so there's time for a little refinement with the gravy (jus to the lefties) . Start off with a standard oxo cube and then use an Earl Grey infusion (posh name for a tea bag) some very finely minced apricot and the dregs of a port bottle. If you need to thicken use plain flour, not corn flour. As it is an adjustment - use the water method not the roux method. Reduce until you get a glaze. If you don't see the glaze then add some red currant jelly.

The pineapple. 40p and it's got to be eaten. Hmmm..........small overlapping chunks. Cinnamon and sugar on one contrail and salted almond and bitter chocolate* on the other - do them in swirls. In the oven on residual heat after you've taken the pork out to rest while you make the gravy. If necessary, give them a quick blast under the grill before serving.

*No need to send your butler out - I got some at the local petrol station.


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Can't be bothered, beans on toast for us...

Geoff Crowther

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Waaay too fancy.
Just taken my home-made pizza bases out o' t'oven. 10 minutes for the topping (tomato, pineapple an' pepperoni for me, same, without pepperoni, for Chrissie ... if you must know), 15 minutes in t'oven. Nice bottle o' red. 'Jobs a good un.
Really Patrick, stop showin' off :whistle:.

Bobby Mhor

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Woohoo everyone, a man cooked a meal - and felt the need to come on here and brag about it. What's he want? A medal? It's just cooking, Patrick, some of us do it every day.
Yeah and he ate it, that's the miracle:laugh:
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