Frame failure - your experiences please


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I think the main lesson that can be taken from this thread is that the frame material is largely irrelevant..... As long as you don't lend @dan_bo your bike.


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I have had five Ti frames (have one now) the lightest of these was triple butted, it cracked on the butting transitions underneath the top tube just behind the head tube, my mate a top Ti welder made an exceptional job of welding it, I built it up as a super light fixie and rode it for a year, I sold it and I think it is now back on gears and still going strong.


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Holy Mary Mother of Donald! I bet your underwear needed a serious scrape after that!

It'd be even more interesting if it were independently observed and verified.
Er... the viewer is observing and verifying. How would they cheat that demonstration and what interest would Pinkbike have in cheating? Next you'll be asking for it to be peer-reviewed and the findings published in Engineering Today!
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