FNRttC Friday Night Ride to the Coast Brighton August 23rd


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I might be tempted, need to ask permission first! Hopefully after London Ride 100 (6hr45min inc stops not bad for 41years old and 18stone :smile: ) I will be able to do ditchling in one.....


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South London
Email sent.

Done Devil's Dyke before, never Ditchling... looking forward to it :rolleyes:


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Excellent. The Beacon is more fun than the Dyke. And the views are better at the top!
The August 23rd Brighton ride is gathering registrations apace, and, given the dry weather, I've decided to mix up the route a bit. We'll still go out of London via Mitcham Common, cross the Downs at Chipstead, descend Reigate Hill and then swan along Lonesome Lane. If the weather holds we'll cross the Horley Badlands, but, from that point on I'm afraid you'll be rabbits in Dr. Legg's Experimentarium of Scenic Delights. Stoney Lane? Ardingly Reservoir? And Westmeston Bostall for those who don't fancy the Beacon? Be afraid! But not so afraid that you don't register by August 16th (for first timers) and August 20th (for experienced FNRttCers). 61 miles, not too tough on the toughometer.

(photograph by Simon Carey http://www.geograph.org.uk/profile/1833 )

Southwold. Both rides full. Sorry.

And, on September 13th it's back to Southend. And that is because the Rose Restaurant is back in business (wild cheers!). The terrazo staircase, Italian tiling and handmade bentwood chairs have been Saved for the Nation. So...........the usual heady mix of earthly delights(Romford and Brentwood) and the more ethereal pleasures of Padham's Green, Old Stock Road, views across the Estuary at daybreak, and the Cinder Path. All this and Great Architecture! 57 miles, and nary a blip on the toughometer. The ideal ride for someone who says 'ooh, those Friday Night Rides to the Coast would be far too much for my little legs to bear'.

That's it for now. The dates of the 2013 rides are on http://fnrttc.blogspot.co.uk/ the basics are at http://fnrttc.blogspot.co.uk/p/basics_05.html and the how-to on registration at http://fnrttc.blogspot.co.uk/p/fridays_06.html .


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As you know, I consider almost anything to be more pleasant than cycling up the Beacon :smile:
well done. Sadly my improvisations upon a theme to Brighton have not met with universal approval. As in

Stick it up your arse!



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Presumably those who like the Beacon (and not chalk tracks, gravel, potholes, and god knows what else) will still have the option of going that way?
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