Fried eggs?


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I'm often disappointed with eggs purchased from a supermarket and have struggled to find some that don't spread that watery white all over the pan. A consistent good egg isn't really something you get at the average supermarket.
local farm eggs would be one source of quality eggs I guess but that's not really an option...any sources of consistently good eggs ,? I'm considering trying some from Waitrose or similar.


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No farms near by? We have a few that put fresh eggs at their gate with an honesty box. Usually proper running about hens too! :laugh:


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I'm considering trying some from Waitrose or similar.
I would. Half dozen free range, quid a box. All the poncey ones are way more costly, which helps keep the turnover high. Usually fresh, usually large, at least in my experience.
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Waitrose do the Duchy range so as Charles is such a great advocate of organics should be good.
I read the other day we should be eating white eggs as they come from less aggressive hens so don't need their beaks clipping. Anyone know if that's true?


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Try some Burford Browns, you can get them in Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Morrisons. The flavour is excellent and the yolks a deep orange colour. They're dearer, but they're worth the extra quid.
Duchy are okay too. All the other supermarket eggs are a bit meh, I've found.

As others have said, new ones stay proud in the pan. Older ones spread and are better for scrambling.
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