Front light on handlebars or helmet?

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The handlebar bracket for my front light broke the other week so i put the helmet bracket on. I was a bit wary about dazzling other road users but i now prefer it to a handlebar light. You can see more and in my opinion make better use of it as you can make contact with the dozy drivers out there who might not see a non moving light. It also helps as reflective bollards,street signs and parked cars are easier to see as the light clearly reflects back,unlike with a handlebar mounted light. I've taped a cheap but effective front light to the bars which is required by law, to cover me in case of any accident, Anyone else prefer their light on the helmet rather than the bars?


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No! Helmet mounted front lights are a menace.

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I wouldn't be without a helmet mounted light, it decreases chances of being overlooked by drivers joining from the left, especially at roundabouts, and greatly increases ability to see where you are going on unlit twisty lanes and paths. Only downsides are that you have to take care not to direct it at people at close range and it's hopeless in blizzards, the light reflects of the snow directly in front of your face and prevents you from seeing anything else.


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I think technically to be legal you need to have a light on the bars as it needs to be within a certain height range , the same goes for the back as well.


It's a bit more complicated than that...
As a driver or a rider, helmet-mounted lights on bikes coming towards me are horrible things. They dazzle (dangerous for you) and make it dificult to get a fix on your distance, speed or location (dangerous for you). THey do also make you look like a nobber.


I use helmet and bars for night ride xc trail rides as you need it,but for road I only use bar mounted.
these cree lights are bloody dangerouse to other road users as I often find on a dark bit of road I use .
I cant see a bloody thing after a eye full of bike light..but I prefere that to the all in black no lights wonkers
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