Full Carbon Bike, 105 Group set - £699

Decathlon end of line. Quite impressive, good value.
It's a very nice bit of kit for the money. You will have to budget for better tyres, but other than that, it's a corker for the money.


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Maybe I'm missing something, but...
Yes, I know there's no link but all I know is that a few members here have said that their carbon frame is plug ugly but I don't remember ever seeing a post from an owner. Or seeing one on the road for that matter - I live fairly close to a big London branch and see a fair number of Decathlon bikes on the roads.


Could it be a case of "never mind the quality, feel the width." The frame and the bling don't mean a thing - it could still ride like a piece of crap.


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I've got the Mach 720 which, although it has a different frame I think the styling points are very similar. I really like the stealth bomber look. I have no idea if it is an "aerodynamic disaster" or not but frankly, once you stick the average cyclist on top of it, it hardly matters does it?

Can't comment on the 700 but the 720 rides great. I would suggest anyone interested should go and take a look in person rather than pay much attention to other people's opinions
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