Garmin Connect or Strava?


Best for what?


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I used to like Garmin Connect before they changed it a few months back - and I just can't get on with it now
I'd go for Strava


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arrggghh yu sedded Garmin!!!:banghead::biggrin:

Garmin 800 edge user here. The unit on the bike is great, no problems there. My issues have been with the Boab unfriendly connect and express software and in particular Garmins absolutly hopeless user support. They really are useless. The old connect 'classic' was why try to fix something that isnt th ename of upgrading it...the new garmin 'modern' isnt easy for me to get to grips with although i am trying hard. I do like that it automaticly syncs to strava so as soon as an activity file arrives in garmin 'modern' it appears in strava as well. Iwould never relay on the strava in a phone app simply because many of my rides are longer than the battery life on my phone.


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You can change it to classic its next to your name at the top we use Strava and GC together with our edge 200's and it works fine


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Strava is best if segments are your thing, Garmin Connect is useless at this. Garmin Connect otherwise.

However, use both, as said above, you can sync from Garmin to Strava.
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