Gaz stable..the babies

Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by GaryA, 15 Jan 2008.

  1. GaryA

    GaryA Subversive Sage

    High Shields

    Non standard GT avalance 0.0 I built myself...e-bay and merlin mongrol which suits me fine


    Old faithful...the veteran of many a C2C & GNRide 7 yrs old but nice to ride zingy steel all the mudguard/rack eyes means it doubles up as a commuter/tourer


    The missus's Edinburgh Cadence womens specific MTB she loves it, shame i cant get the seat high enough to give it a good lashing


    The bairn.....female viewers, altogether now...AAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh ;):biggrin::tongue:
  2. redcogs

    redcogs New Member

    Moray Firth
    Your baby is absolutely beautiful Gaz. ;):smile:

    i knew that you and Mrs Gaz had one coming along, but i must have been away from't pc when the event transpired. Please accept a redcogs belated congratulations and hugging handshake!! Please extend same to your good lady.

  3. gbb

    gbb Legendary Member

    I cant remember the last MTB style bike i had..if ever......but i do like the GTs. I love that double triange...sets it apart from the crowd.
    They look VERY well kept...nice one.
  4. OP

    GaryA Subversive Sage

    High Shields
    Cheers redders, I'm afraid I cant take any credit for the lads aesthetics since i'm a ugly brute, his ma is the looker (Courtney Cox lookalike) but he has developed a healthy rebellious streak and is advanced for his age ;)...also bloody heavy in his walking backpack how many 6 month babies are 10kg? less than 2% say the doc ;);)

    Pleased Gbb likes GT's:becool:

    Dont you have a thorn Rohloff Redders? Why not post a piccy so I can admire something I will probably never be able to afford!?
  5. redcogs

    redcogs New Member

    Moray Firth
    Not be long before young Askers is sitting behind you on't bike i'll bet (big as he is!).

    i'll try posting a pick Gaz - but its a mucky bugger with strange peculiar bars n stuff.
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