Getting an unexpected date!


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Good morning.

Last eve, while I was doing my ride, I thought I'd try a new road that seemed quiet, Carr Lane in Bolsover.

I had a puncture and no repair kit (stupidly forgot my mobile phone) and was walking my bike back when a very nice bloke rode up to me and offered to repair my tire.

We ended up riding about an hour together and have a date for dinner and who knows what will follow- tonight.

Things are looking good!


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Lovely Devon
sounds nice, but be careful x


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Yes, be careful. Let someone know where you are meeting - where you intend to go - who with - contact details and what time you intend to be back. I know that sounds a PITA, but when you are effectively meeting up with a stranger, you do need to be careful. That said, I hope you have a great time.


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It's a great bit of the world round there for cycling and enjoy your date. I love the view of the castle going up the hill.


Well he's got something going for him; if he can fix a puncture he must be a practical bloke, so if you've got any shelves that need putting up etc. get him round to yours ASAP!!! ;)

Have a good date and let us know how it goes ... but not too much detail, eh!!:ohmy:

(Let's hope 'dinner' isn't tinnies and pizza in front of the 60" TV with 15 of his mates at about 7:30 .... he he)

Shaun :ohmy:
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