Getting the Girls on a bike


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Whilst i like tootling off on the bike by myself, there are times when i feel like i'm abandoning my tribe..... that and when we go camping it seems even worse to leave them all by the pool, lake or town. So over the years as the 4 girls have grown i have gradually managed to get them all into cycling to a lesser or greater degree:

No1 daughter has her Electra Cruiser
No2 daughter has recycled No1's mountain bike, it got a revamp last year which she enjoyed giving it some personal touches
No3 daughter has one of my old road bikes, a Scott Roadster that i've fettled with a shorter stem, lady saddle, and some more aggressive tyres as she takes it through every terrain you can think of:laugh:
No4 daughter has my old Specialized hardtail mountain bike, again rebuilt this Winter to her liking

Then Mrs Ridgeway has her Cube Cross Hybrid (e-bike)

So over the last 2 years it may have cost me a small fortune in parts and upgrades on the bikes but at least we have managed to recycle 3 of them within the tribe.

No3 daughter (12yrs old) has taken to the road with the most enthusiasm and she really enjoys our trips around the lake and she's already a Café expert:laugh:


One day i'll get a pic of us all on an outing, i usually take the Brompton on family rides, cleats a supermarkets are and bad mix as i've found:ohmy:
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Congrats. I'm working on my (smaller) tribe. Eldest daughter is enjoying going for some longer rides. She's on a Raleigh Pioneer Trail Low Step. Furthest ride so far is 13.5 miles. Youngest daughter finds it all a bit tiring at the moment... !


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Yeah it's tough when they are on smaller wheeled bikes, the take off point for ours has certainly been that step up to adult sized bikes and then it all seems much easier and distances become possible. Was only 3yrs back when the we thought a 27km flat ride was an achievement, which it was with a 7yr old in tow, think i pushed her half the way back:laugh:. Now she's 10 and can just squeeze onto a full size bike it's all a bit different and she's happy to try different routes, surfaces and reasonable distances although she still isn't too keen on hills (like her fat dad...). Whilst 2 of ours are on mountain bikes it does give them a harder rolling resistance and hence why No3 snapped up my old road bike, she's already claiming she's first in line for the Pinarello:whistle:
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