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Giant Road E+ 1

Discussion in 'Electric Bikes' started by Foghat, 17 Mar 2017.

  1. sight-pin

    sight-pin Über Member

    Blimey, it could of been delivered twice even if they chose the 'China-to-London freight train' lol
  2. sight-pin

    sight-pin Über Member

    I've not used the bike since the 26th October and when i last charged the battery to full, I just connected the battery to the bike and it only shows 97%
    charge. Should it loose 3% charge over that period of time even when it's not connected to the bike?
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  3. Giantbadge

    Giantbadge Active Member

    I would imagine it would loose a bit of charge , a phone would.
    My bespoke fork has arrived in the uk & should be at the shop on Monday :banghead:.
    They will take some pictures before the fit them & giant want my forks back to investigate the problem.
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  4. sight-pin

    sight-pin Über Member

    Wonder if they can take a pic of the old and new side by side to see if their is any difference?

    I've not been riding as my wife had a total hip replacement end of last week, she's also still getting over a major back surgery last year. She has enough titanium in her back and hip to make a half decent Ti bike frame lol.
  5. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Guru

    As said, the battery will drop a bit of charge over time.

    No bad thing, fully charging the battery stresses the cells.

    Best to leave the battery part charged if you know it won't be used for a while.

    No need to be anal about it, anything between about 20 and 80 percent will do.

    If the battery is to be left for months rather than weeks, it's worth giving it a charge for a half an hour or so occasionally.
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  6. sight-pin

    sight-pin Über Member

    Thanks for that. Thought i may of got 1 or 2 rides in TBH. I may get one in on Sunday (weather permitting) with a bit of luck.
  7. Pale Rider

    Pale Rider Guru

    Hope so.

    The other thing said about batteries is 'use it or lose it', so giving your bike a blast for however many miles you can manage will do it good.
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  8. sight-pin

    sight-pin Über Member

    I like to try and get three or four 20 mile...ish rides in a week, I was itching for a ride today, the weather was nice and sunny out today. :rolleyes:
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  9. proton666

    proton666 Regular

    Sounds "normal". I just took mine out today after a long pause. I last changed to full on October 23. Was at 96% when I started out today.

    30 miles of pouring rain (the weather report said cloudy but no rain... lol). Performed like a trooper.
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  10. sheltiedoulos

    sheltiedoulos New Member


    Newbie here.

    I am also in California Bay Area and I was at Bike Connection yesterday to get some mud guard and brake pads put on my bike.
    While waiting for the mud guards to be put on, I took their Road E+ for a ride - just local street.
    It is pretty nice (compared to my old eneloop e-cruiser). But I have a question.
    Do you think the charge can last for my intended weekend rides?
    My intended rides: Page Mill - Alpine - Portola - OLH - West OLH - 84 - Pescadero - West Alpine - Page Mill (33 miles, ~4600 ft climb)
    or Page Mill - Alpine - Portola - OLH - West OLH - 84 - Stage Rd - HWY1 - Tunitas Creek - King Mtn (46 miles, ~4900 ft climb)

    Currently, I do these climbs on my Giant Escape Hybrid - it is quite a chore for a rather weak middle-age guy like me (granny gear all the way - averaging about 10 miles an hour - a rather pathetic showing)
    I am looking for some electron-advantage. :smile: But I am not certain whether a single charge on this bike can make the loop.
    It would really suck big time if I have to pedal this 45 lbs bike up the last hill (West Alpine or Tunitas Creek).
    (I have run out of juice on my eneloop e-cruiser, a 55 lbs bike, on the way home and it was painful to pedal that beast even on flat road - I could not imagine doing it on some 8-9% grade hill)

    Does Giant also sell spare battery? And what kind of cost we are talking about?

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  11. proton666

    proton666 Regular

    I hear you. I have gone from Palo Alto to Woodside (via Sandhill etc.), up Kings Mt. (got to the top, Skyline Blvd., with 71% on the battery and it only took about 15 minutes from Woodside Store) over to the sea via Tunitas Creek, Lobitos Creek and then back via the same roads and had plenty left in the tank (about 42 miles and 4500 vertical). If you are reasonably strategic with the use of assist level and peddling cadence I feel either of the other rides you listed will work too.

    When I have run out of battery I just shift my brain into touring mode and remember all the times I hauled 35+ pounds of food and camping equipment over similar roads (you know, the Zen thing).

    I plan on doing Palo Alto, OLH, 84, Stage, Tunitas, Kings, Palo Alto option soon (OLH been closed a lot lately). Want to come along? If my battery dies you can laugh at me as I grovel up Tunitas... lol

    I have been looking at adding a rack and an extra battery for even longer rides (Killer Loop anyone? (about 85 miles with about 9500 vertical)). I think the battery is like $1000. US (in advance)... ouch.
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  12. sheltiedoulos

    sheltiedoulos New Member

    Thanks, proton666. Sounds like this Road e+ may work for me.
    I am thinking about staying on OFF mode on flat land and ECO mode on the ascend (but not sure that ECO mode will be enough on the hill climb given the weight of the bike).

    I am certain the zen mode thingie will not work for me. :smile: I am barely going up these hills around 4 mph with my 25 lbs hybrid.
    With a 45 lbs bike, I will be pushing the bike on foot.

    By the way, you can walk the bike around the cement road block on West OLH. The portion of road that is closed is actually clear and ridable (even the heavy machines are now gone).

    I am still researching this e-bike thingie since it is a rather expensive investment.
    Talked to my HR guy yesterday - he has a Reise & Muller (wish I am as rich as my colleague).
    Talked to another colleague whose friend has an EVO e mountain bike. He claimed that his friend could do Henry Cole ridges on one charge (over 40 miles with ~7500 ft climb and with 35% charge left at the end of the ride).
    Few months ago, talked to a nice couple at the Bike Shed (before the Tunitas Creek climb). They have the Felt e-bikes - the old lady (she is in the 60's) really likes hers because the e bike allows her to keep up with the group). She claims that her bike easily does 50 mile range (but I am not clear on her total climb).

    I don't think I can afford the $1K spare battery. :smile:
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  13. sheltiedoulos

    sheltiedoulos New Member

    >>> I have gone from Palo Alto to Woodside (via Sandhill etc.), up Kings Mt. (got to the top, Skyline Blvd., with 71% on the battery

    I assume you got up Kings Mt. on ECO mode?
  14. proton666

    proton666 Regular

    I have been keeping it in Eco on the flat and only switch it off on the decent. Climbs are on normal, by and large, but be prepared to giggle to yourself as you zoom past other rider at 15 mph and up on the steepest grades. You will want to put the same leg into it as you would without an assist because it's such a blast to go fast. But I find that I have to ride 40% further to get the same workout (another good excuse to get a second battery).

    Thanks for the OLH west tip (I was actually talking about the eastern approach and I didn't even know the west had been blocked off).
  15. proton666

    proton666 Regular

    Nope. Used normal all the way to the top.