Glasgow Cycle Festival


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We are putting together a mini-festival during Bike Week. Glasgow Bicycle Festival is a celebration of cycling culture. It aims to unite develop relations between the various cycling groups within Glasgow, as well as attract new people to ride bicycles. The program will last from 19-27th June.

Film screenings, rides, races, games, workshops and parties with the aim to encourage the public and network of cycling communities across the city to celebrate cycling and promote the activity in its varying forms.

The festival will combine events for everyone from beginners to hardcore cyclists, so if you ride a bike; fixed, free, geared, bi, tri or anything in between, the chances are you’ll have fun.

Details will be added as we progress, get in touch at if you’d like to include any of your events in the programme.

Full programme @

Prize fund so far includes stuff from Bagaboo, Knog, UrbanHunter, Belk, Hubjub, Aye-Aye Books, Artisan Roast, Gear Bikes, Recoat Gallery, Bonnie Bikes and De’il on Wheels.

We will be collaborating with Glasgow based cycling groups, artists, designers, businesses and musicians to stage events throughout the city. All ticket monies well be circulated back into the event production and prizes

Event details will be updated regularly via site and Facebook so keep an eye out. We look forward to seeing you throughout the week. Any questions can be directed to us via email.
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