Good Club/Team Kit design/supplier ???


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I need to get some kit designed,,,,thats the easy bit, I can do that online , but the Logo design and Hi Def artwork for that is what i need help with. I one site but they just keep saying i have to send them the artwork...I need a company that does the artwork and the shirts etc. Cheap as chips, brilliant service and UK based.......ha ha...well I know i get what so ....

....any links to sites youve used who did a great job?



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There must be a graphic designer on this forum?!


Look at - not in the UK but in the EU (Germany) - they will do everything at good (weak Euro) prices with super quality and fast - Gerard is the man, say Rob from MacRide Events told you ... There's an online designer tool that lets you create ideas and add your own lo-res graphics - they can then help with the actual artwork. [We've just bought about 600 jerseys from owayo]



But do us all a favour - don't go for yet another black based design. So many that they are now simply dull and boring, however you dress it up. Loads of other colours to create a great kit. Word of warning, if it's a race kit you need to get the design and colours approved by your local BC region (via HQ I think). Don't order until it's cleared or it could get expensive!
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