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When reading posts on this and other forums it's surprising how many people, especially newbies , who don't have a LBS they can trust for repairs and advice. If you have one,then lets share it so any locals can get good advice and service. I'm lucky I have two, The Bicycle repair man,Prudhoe, northumberland, and The Edinburgh Bicycle Co operative,Byker,Newcastle .


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I don't trust LBS's around here, they are only interested in flogging you a new bike in my experience


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I'd back the Edinburgh Bike Coop in Leeds as well. The guys there have been brilliant for me this summer as I've got into cycling - they even know my bike by name, which I think is customer service way beyond the norm.


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i'd recommend bikes of macclesfield for servicing, repairs, and having the part you really need but can't get anywhere else.

chester road cycles in macclesfield, when given the chance to flog me an upgrade of brake caliper (i asked if it was worth it), passed it up and instead gave me some koopstop pads to try out. i will be going back there again.


Harry Halls in Manchester is not local to me (35 mile round trip) but has given me very good service/free advice/discount and is a good excuse for a nice ride.

My LBS isn't what it used to be, they moved from larger premises and had to cut down on stock, they have to compete with t'interweb and can't, but I would still use them everyday on off the shelf bits'n'bobs and on stuff I can wait a week while the order comes in. I'll always pay a little bit more to keep my local shop open.

There's an excellent shop in New Mills where I would go for all my technical advice and repairs. (Forgotten it's name temporarily but it's run by Sam and he knows his onions)


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This is what I dont understand about LBS's:

They can still clean up in the internet age, but they won't...why?...Because they haven't grasped the concept that peeps like me NEED QUALITY advice and not just a place to buy things. If i get advice I can trust I will pay the price, but if that is missing and all they are doing is pushing a product....well I can get that on the internet cheaper and with better choice. There are four LBS within riding distance of me and not one of them has won me over yet, even though I spent a lot of time in each one with a full wallet....order taking is not what I need.


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one of previously mentioned lbs' reckons that fixing bikes ruined by halfords pretty much keeps the shop going, and tells me that if i can get a part cheaper online to go for it.

definately in it for the love of bikes, not just cash.


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Colne, Lancs
If you're ever in Watford, then Cycleopedia are a good option. If they don't have an item in stock, then they'll just recommend trying the web, they give CTC discount (nb: Edinburgh Cycles don't), they don't try and flog you a new bike, and if they take your bike for service and all it needs is a change of cable/tightening, then they'll do it for free.


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Senacre Cycles in Maidstone.

Always willing to hand out advice, whether it makes him money or not.:rolleyes:

Plenty of stock too :biggrin:


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Specialised Cycles, Connaught Road, Norwich. Great shop. Good advice. Know what they are doing. Great for repairs, bits and bobs, folders, decent road bikes (frames & making bikes from customer specifications). It's my LBS of choice.


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MOston cycles in moston, North manchester is a good 'un-i've been going in since I was about 4 y.o. More kiddies bikes these days but still some high-end bargains and inexpensive bits of good kit. A good dusty bike shop. Gerry Shields and Neil Orell's are nearby and cool as well. Gerry's son runs the shop mostly these days but Gerry still hangs around talking to his regulars. He's 85 and still riding daily, and will talk your ears off about the old days when the west side of holme moss was almost 1:3 at the bottom and somesuch. great.

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Raiments Cycles and Baker Street bikes in Brighton are good but my favourite is a little back street one called Webbs Cycles which is tiny and old-fashioned but great. He always tries to mend things before replacing parts.

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Central Manchester:
Harry Halls, as already mentioned - nice people. Went in for some presta valve caps once, fully expecting to be sold the metal "bullet" type for £4 or thereabouts, and the guy went and scoured the workshop for some spare plastic ones (which was all I wanted) then let me have them for free. Good advice and knowledgable staff.

Edinburgh Bike Co-Op (Oxford Road)
Always had great service and advice from them - again, friendly, knowledgable staff.

Bike Boutique (Next to Loading Bay, near the Sugden Sports Centre off Grosvenor Street)
Great place for virtually any part (they'll sell individual nuts and bolts). I get anything I can't do myself done there - superb service, and nice, honest people (honest enough to turn away work if it doesn't need doing, and nice enough to look stuff over for you foc if they aren't busy). Saved my bacon a few times with emergency repairs since I started commuting in.



Garland's - Bedminster. Excellent range of spares/ tools, and very enthusiastic staff.
Bristol Bike Workshop - dingy co-op selling a brilliant range of second hand spares & bikes, and they build great wheels.
Bike - will price-match internet if you take the advert in.

I don't recommend Dave Bater or Mud Dock
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