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Another invention trying to fill a market that isn't there. And at £20 odd I think I'll stick to an old rag plus whatever oil I have left over from the cars.


It looks like an interesting proposition, but as @cosmicbike says, a bit of a solution looking for a problem. In particular, I think that it won't be able to clean a dirty chain, so you would still need the rag.

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all.

Go on then, I'll fall for it.

Looks like a good way to apply oil to the chain.

Similar to the shoe polishing pads which had polish embedded.

I found those quite handy to slip in my suitcase when I was staying away more often.

There was one in the toiletry freebies in a hotel I stayed in.

The Lubridisc wouldn't clean a very dirty chain, but it might work on a little and often basis.

I'd pick one up in the bike shop if it was a fiver.

But it's neither.
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I like the look of the Vortex crank reflector but it would be better in black and you can buy the 3M tape from Amazon for a fraction of the price and do it yourself.

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Developing my hotel theme, the Lubrdisc could be useful on a tour.

A tourist might want to lube the chain mid tour, depending on conditions.

The Lubridisc, assuming it doesn't leak, would be handy to slip into a pannier.

It would also enable clean hand chain lubrication, a benefit of particular use to a tourist.
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I'm normally much more forgiving of these daft ideas than most of you. I quite like daft ideas. But not in this case.

It's a small, portable means of applying lubricant to a chain. In what way is it better than a dropper bottle? And it will be somewhat wasteful as the sponge will retain a whole lot of the lubricant, unlike a bottle.

Am I missing something here?

OK maybe it's a bit quicker, just whizz it through instead of applying a hundred and something individual drops
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