Gore jackets


I think I have the Phantom. It's a v good jacket WHEN the temp ducks below 2 deg. If it is warmer I tun too hot, even when weraing a simple HH short sleeve base summer style base layer.

I don't know the top jacket but it sounds similar in terms of wear-ability and breath-ability.
yep - I tried the ladies version of the phantom 2. sent it back many times and in the end quit and went over to a dhb one from wiggle. sizing is very snug -like very fitted and if you are slightly more feminine in cut, forget it. If you are flat chested or something up to a B cup, then you should be OK, otherwise if like me, you will find it a touch too snug in certain areas and I needed something like a size 16 when I should have been in a size 10!. Otherwise I liked the design except for one major issue which was pockets. I like a rear pocket, not front pockets... it has no rear pocket - or at least the version I tried didn't.


Go on, tilt your head!
Bought a Phantom 2.0 in sales (not Halfords) for about £93... Then saw some on the clearance rack in Halfords for £77 - they didn't have my size though at that price so I didn't feel bad

Been out in it once and didn't get cold
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