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My work are about to embark on a cycle to work scheme... however they have chosen the halfords one.

I currently ride a trek 7.3 hybrid, loving the speed I can get on this, but inevitably want to be able to get down under the wind and get faster, and am looking to move to my first proper road bike.

I have heard good reviews of the Boardman Team Carbon, so headed down to my local halfords to have a look.
I think it's quite important to be able to test ride a bike before purchasing, however on visiting my local Halfords store, I was greeted by some spotty luddite who told me their company policy is not to allow the bikes out for test rides. They only had one size on display, none in stock and no intention of ordering one in to check the size. Even though it's on the bike scheme I'm looking at spending a fair deal of money on this bike, and am utterly frustrated at their service.

I hear Halfords can order in bikes from major manufacturers, so went to the LBS to see what was on offer.
They set me up for a test ride on the Specialized Allez elite which felt a very nice and comfortable ride, and sized me up properly for the bike ( am quite tall & need a 61cm frame) so am tempted by this.

I understand that the Boardman only goes up to 57.5cm?

Just want to hear from any boardman riders if they know whether it'll fit me (I'm 6"4') and if they're worth getting given Halfords terrible service?


If you buy it online, the Distance Selling Regulations allow (IIRC) up to 7 days from the date of delivery to check it "fits". This obviously includes allowing you to ride a bike bought this way to check it for size.

Buy it online, therefore, and you can take it back if it doesn't fit. If enough people cause them enough pain by taking back bikes until they get on which fits, then they might change their test ride policy.

TBH, though, I'd use this as a reason not to use Halfrauds and to persuade your employers to go with a different provider or to start up their own scheme, which will work out cheaper and more flexible.


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Where do you live - there are a few retailers around London which accept Halfords vouchers. I used mine at Pearsons in Sutton, Surrey :sad: On your bike and Condor also take them. I have a feeling Halfords can't source Specialized, but Pearsons and OYB sell

Halfords has the largest selection of cycles and cycling safety equipment in the UK, and sells more bikes than any other retailer. As a participant of the Halfords Cycle2Work scheme, there are a number of ways you can get your bike.

  • Visit your local Halfords/Bikehut store and redeem your LoC for a bike they have in stock
  • visit your local Halfords/Bikehut and discuss the brands they are able to order in, choosing from Condor, Dahon, Dawes, Diamondback, Dolan, GT, Kona, Merida, Pashley, Raleigh, Saracen, Van Nicholas, Voodoo and many more (orders are normally fulfilled within 5 working days provided supplier has stock)
  • visit Cycle Republic, Condor, On Your Bike or Pearsons: these are each associates of the Halfords Cycle2Work scheme and will accept you letter of collection in store
  • Still can't find what you are looking for? Simply call Halfords' dedicated Cycle2Work team on 08450 778 850 or click here and we will do our best to source your dream bike for you.


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I live In Oxfordshire, not a million miles from said bike shops, but certainly out of my way... Maybe they could courier me a bike... It's good to know there's alternatives out there. As for specialized, a guy in halfords seemed to think they could order them in, so will have to give them a bell and find out after the bank hol is over.
Will also have to check out the distance selling regs option, although it could be a pain having to return bikes, will look into it further.

Also tried a trek 1.5 out, was nippy but riding position felt nowhere near as comfortable as the spesh. looking for ideas of Any other alternatives I could consider round the 800-1000 price range?
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