Halfords TDF ad - What is he saying?


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Not a comment on Halfords or the advert here, maybe we can have another thread for slagging it off?

Can someone please tell me what he is repeating to him self when he is willing him self up the climb? He says its 3 times, I haven't a clue what he's saying and it's driving me nuts.

Thanks :laugh:

Mad Doug Biker

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'Bloody Halfrauds, they've put the forks on back to front!'

Watching Eurosport, I have no idea, but I'll watch the Sherwin and Ligget show tonight to find out for you specially.

Mad Doug Biker

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Having just seen the advert, yes, good point, I have no idea. Let's work it out together though, I mean, it sounds like

'Kenza, kenza, kenza, downgear'

I presume he's reaching a summit, but what is Kenza?


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The whole documentary/Halfords advert is on YouTube here. I've not watched it yet.


I had hoped he would end up seriously ill - I would be cheering "alez, allez allez!" as he was wheeled into the operating theatre, to be met by a giant frog saying "mmm nobbers legs, tasty"...

Imagine how annoying he would have been if he had actually ridden the whole route rather than going round the prologue route a few times and then riding a small part of a small number of other stages.

He's a nobber of the first order. What kind of pillock signs themselves up for this kind of crap?
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