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young Ed

can't see what the cabbie was doing? driving with one hand on his lap is what i can make out.
Cheers Ed


My favorite bit of that video is the confused look on the face of the other cyclist at the lights. He looked like he was thinking "why has this nutter stopped to talk at me...please make him go away"

Yet another boring non event video from the OP.


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Lol wtf :wacko: care in the community definitely needs review with that tosspot!


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Looking at the You Tube video. Stu pid Purb says

What is careless driving?
There is no standard list of driver behaviours or poor manouevres that are considered careless but any minor breach of the Highway Code could be perceived to be an offence.

Examples include:
eating/drinking at the wheel

Looks like Stu pid Purb got upset that the cabbie was munching on his lunch.
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