Has anyone bought from Bike-Discount.de?


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Malaga, Spain
I'm looking on their site, and all the prices are listed as "final price incl. 21% VAT" (21% is the VAT rate in Spain, so that's correct.)

Does that mean I need to add VAT to the prices shown, or the price includes VAT? It isn't really clear, and makes a big difference when you're looking at €1,000+ bikes.

Arsen Gere

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North East, UK
I live in the UK and I paid the price on screen which included vat at 19% for Germany and the P&P was free. I have not paid any charges here for import or vat. Which I understand is the EEC way of doing business.
Service was fine via mail too, mails were in english.


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includes VAT but doesn't include delivery. You'll find most of the folk on here that have use them rave about them price wise.


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Can't speak for Spain, but they're good to the UK, often cheapest around, prices usually need about £5 extra for delivery but are often still cheaper. :smile:


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For inter-EU orders VAT must be paid at source, at the current rate in that country, and no additional VAT/duties etc can be levied. Equally no VAT refunds even of your local VAT rate is lower than the source.

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Hi Lulubel: I have bought my Marathon winters from bike discount.de about 2 weeks ago.
The total price was as on screen, delivery to the UK £ 5.00.
Excellent service, delivered 3 days after ordering on choosing the cheapest delivery option.
The gigantic box was a wee bit of an overkill :smile:


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West Midlands
Purchased a turbo trainer, defo the cheapest with rapid delivery for £5. Brilliant. Service.


Yes. Bought a turbo trainer – really competitive price and delivery was quicker than I expected, about three days.


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Same as some of the above, great price for turbo trainer as well as pair of Shimano 105 brakes (at 2/3 the price seen anywhere else) and delivered in 3 days for a delivery charge of just over £5 :-) Result!
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