Has anyone done a track taster session?


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My birthday is coming up and I was thinking of asking/hoping some kind family members would pay me on one of these...

Anyone ever been? What is the craic? I have never ridden a fixed before let alone been near a velodrome



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Yes. Do it! It's great fun. Don't worry if you've not ridden fixed before, that's what these sessions are all about. The coach will build you up slowly starting with just riding around the inside and getting you used to controlling your speed without brakes. Then you'll gradually move up the track as the exercises develop. By the end you'll be comfortable riding at any point on the banking, and wondering why you'd not done it before.


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What's the etiqette with these? I see shoes and helmets are provided.

Did you guys just ride in your normal cycling shorts and jersey.

I have to say though I am a fairly big guy (Just under 17 stone)


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Take your own shorts and top. Manchester (and probably other velodromes) recommend wearing an undershirt too - this helps avoid friction burns should you come off.
If you've got your own helmet and shoes you could always take these along too (providing the shoes have the same cleat system as the velodrome bikes - Manchester uses Look Deltas). Have fun!


Further to the excellent answers so far, a bottle of some energy drink type stuff can be useful as you might find yourself needing it after giving it a bit of welly.

Have fun!


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track racing is excellent! a bit daunting at first, but all in all a great thing to do!

go in confident and don't think about crashing... the faster you go the less chance you have of going for a slide!


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I quite fancy a play at this, where's the nearest velodrome to Norfolk? Bet it's inconveniently far away but Google isn't being helpful.


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I love the track, its a great experiance. I've done it quite a few times now at the manchester velodrome. Go for it, you will love it.
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