Have you ever protested or marched against something


Must admit as much as I hate wrong doing etc....

I've never felt the urge to go and join anything.

Have you and what was it?


Attended a few sit-ins as a student and once tried to disrupt a fox hunt by keeping the participants chatting over a pint or two at a local.


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As a student used to go on marches in London. Usually against spending cuts. Free trip to the smoke for a 1/2 hour walk down Whitehall.
Went with a mate a few years ago to the Durham Miner's Gala and ended up walking with Arthur protesting about Miners who were sacked during the strike and their loss of pension. I was asked if I would hold this banner for a few mins. then Arthur and his entourage arrived.


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Done a lot of this sort of thing, though not in recent years.

I was quite active in the trade union movement so took part in many strikes, pickets, marches and protests. Many of these protests were outside the American Consulate in Belfast. There used to be a police station just opposite the Consulate and we regularly had our photos taken from both buildings. I'm sure there are many images of me on file somewhere :smile::biggrin:

I was also involved in local politics as a member of the Communist Party and took part in many activities that led to numerous more photos and questioning by the police :sad: Fun days they were :angry: I also did a bit of election work and was an election agent for the party on occasions. I was in Belfast City Hall the day Gerry Adams was declared the winner of the Westminster election for the first time. Ian Paisley was in the building at the same time. The atmosphere was electric.


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A few Mayday ones, a few fees ones when a student, the don't go to war one in 2003.

Eventually stopped going as got fed up with the SWP types that ruin every protest


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very many, although less in recent years. I'm of the opinion that it all counts in the long run - the 2003 march against the invasion of Iraq didn't stop the invasion, but it was one of the many things that led to the downfall of Blair.
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