Hay fever


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Usual simptions. This is the first time I've had it, any good ways to avoid this?the eyes, nose and throught are killing me!!!


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Piriteze work for me Gaz...


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Allergy pills, and vary the brands you use (look for brands with different active components) because if you stick with the same one it will stop working after a while. At least it does for me and everyone I know and have spoken to about it (so not really that many people :smile:).

edit: Also if you dont already, wearing glasses of some sort while cycling might help.


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Had it all my life. I used to get it really bad. I take antihystemine pretty much every morning during summer. A few little extras though when it gets really bad.....

Always wear glasses to keep the pollen and other irritents out of your eyes.

Dab milk under your eyes. It has a cooling effect and also attracts a good quantity of the evil pollen.



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HaloJ said:
Dab milk under your eyes.
I'll have to try that. I find the eye itch the most annoying part of hay fever.

I'm lucky though, I find generic antihistamines, one a day for 3 or 4 days a week for a couple of weeks works well enough for me (except the eyes!). For the rest of the summer, I'm fine.


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I tried every over-the-counter medication and only one worked (the only non non-drowsy) - Piriton (not piriteze).

The make me sleepy but do relieve the symptoms effectively. The advantage of them not being non-drowsy is that they are cheap.


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Try to find out what pollen it is that's causing your problem. Took me ages, but now know its trees and I try to avoid them.

I use the 3-4 a day antihistamine tablets. I find the one-a-days don't last long enough.

Lots of things to try, so don't be surprised if what works for other people doesn't work for you.


I alternate between Cetirizine (25p for 30 days) one day and Loratadine (59p for 30 days) the next. Seems to have worked for the last few years.


buddha said:
I alternate between Cetirizine (25p for 30 days) one day and Loratadine (59p for 30 days) the next. Seems to have worked for the last few years.
These two have different classes of active wotsits, so you can take them together. They shouldn't cause any drowsiness and, although they are present in many branded medicines (Clarityn contains Loratadine, for example), the generics are generally just as good and very cheap.

Hay fever is a catch-all term for an allergy (mostly) to air-borne pollen. There are many hundreds of plants and trees which produce pollen, and there is no single cure because different people are allergic to different things and they react differently to the drugs.

Local honey also works well for me, but might not be available in South Croydon. :laugh:

Oh, and, for some strange reason, eating apples always reduces my symptoms. Never figured out why, though.


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If you are getting it now it is more likely to be tree type pollen. The grass pollen kicks in more in June. I take antihistamines and if it is particularly dry and windy I will supplement with a Beconaise nasal inhaler. This takes a couple of days before it works well, also as mentioned earlier wear glasses


Keeping the bridge of the nose cool also helps me when it's really bad. But I get hay fever (from grasses) and as Hacienda says, that hasn't really kicked in yet this year.

It usually starts right in the middle of exam week, from O and A levels through Uni exams and professional exams more recently, they always time the exams with the week that the grass pollen bites hardest.


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Mine started last night. It's the second year I've suffered and it feels ten times worse this year.

I'll be getting all of the above and making an anti-histamine smoothie ;)


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I've been getting it for 20+ years without a single year off. However, this year seems to be very good so far so I'm guessing for whatever reason that something is starting late this year.


I saw a device in the chemist today that you stick up your nose and it radiates red light to soothe the inflamed tissues. Apparently.

Anyone used one or heard of them? It'd make a good present for me dad if they work as he gets it bad.
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