Hello from Canada!


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I just found this site and I'm impressed by the friendly atmosphere, nice work!

I'm living in Vancouver, BC and I love bicycle repair, commuting and cycle-touring, as well as photography and the outdoors. I'm looking forward to joining in some of the great discussions here.

I also produce some bicycle repair tutorials to help people fix their own bikes. There's only a dozen or so tutorials right now, but I plan to cover a lot more topics and purchase new bikes to expand the collection.


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Welcome to the forum BT, I think your expertise will be most welcome here.


Hello Canada ;). Hope you stick around.

I was in your fair city for 3 days last year. Rode a tandem round for an hour. The best bit was riding the Lions Gate Bridge. Much speed and hilarity :thumbsup:. Lovely city.


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Hello welcome keep an eye out for the next order.You could be the only one to have the best jersey in the world in Caada


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welcome on board. bc is a beautiful place (at least when i visited), and if only we had vancouver's integrated transport system. oh, and i bought my first post-driving licence bike in vancouver for $50, and i still have a bud light jersey i bought downtown somewhere. we have a nice forum eh ;)


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wafflycat said:
Greetings! You're not Paul Gross in disguise are you? Paul Gross... Canada's greatest living treasure... YUM...

I've come over all unnecessary... :thumbsup:
Psssst... Watch out for this one, she's a man eater! ;)
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