Help needed in finding a song

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This has been bugging me for YEARS!
It was a crap song from the end of the 90s/early 00s (?), played a lot on MTV and had a very monotonous beat, something like: dun da dun dunn, dun da dun dunn, dun da dun dunn, dun da dun dunn etc. etc.
It was a cheap animated video with what looked like a Timpo kind of model, a figure with horns sticking out of his head, dj-ing at a turntable, and a car was driving back and forwards.
If you can help, I'll be massively relieved.
Thanks :biggrin:
Not anything by the KLF?
They had a character in their videos who wore a black hooded cape with a single white horn sticking out of the front of it...


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rich p said:
What's the difference in pronunciation between 'dun' and 'dunn'?:biggrin:

Dun is short, and dunn is like dunnnnnnnnnnnnn, but with less 'n's.
Cant help with the song, know any words of the song?


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French Kiss - By lil Louis?


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Although, on the subject of 'Low', buy any album by that american band and it will, well, make itself liked unto you. If you are intelligent
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