help needed with hybrid bike choice


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Hi Im looking at getting a bike for the first time in years ...looking at the Specialized Globe vienna/Carmel/Sirrus bikes - from last years range - all are sub £300. Can anyone explain what the differences are and why you might take one over the other as price and costmetics are all even....

bike is just for leisure.

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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sorry - just realised this is in the wrong place - will repost...

Alan Whicker

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One reason is that there are often differences in geometry between bike manufacturers - for example, Specialized MTBs fit me like a glove, but I feel too stretched out on their Sirrus hybrid. With Trek it's the exact opposite. It's always worth doing a test ride.


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Yep, always take them out for a test ride before you buy. Differences in price usually reflect differences in the quality of components, in general the more you pay the lighter and stronger the components are, but sadly this is not always the case...


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I would road test them, see which you like the best and buy it. That simple! For £300 there is going to be little difference in them, subtle differences probably, maybe sligthly different components, but the most important thing is to buy the bike you feel most comfortable on ie the one that fits you properly. As AW said each will have slightly different frame geometry. In reality these low end bikes are all made in the same factory anyway.
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